General Terms & Agreements

General terms and conditions Hallyucon (Foundation Promotion Korean Culture)

In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

Event = The Hallyucon (convention) being held in Eindhoven at ‘Evoluon’ at 27 October 2018
SPKC = Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Cultuur (Foundation Promotion Korean Culture)
Customer = that person that enters into an agreement with Foundation Promotion Korean Culture
Location= the place where the event is held (Evoluon in Eindhoven)
Agreement  = agreeing on the terms and conditions when buying a ticket
Ticket = the admission ticket for an event
Parties = the foundation and the customer together
Order number = the unique number that is coupled to a ticket

House rules

1)    When entering into the agreement, the customer agrees to abide by the rules of the venue and SPKC for the duration of the event. In case of violation of these house rules SPKC reserves the right to remove a visitor from the event. Also retains SPKC the right to change the house rules up to 3 days before the event will take place.

Information disclosure

2)    SPKC reserves the right to change the price of the tickets during the sales period. This will have no effect on tickets already purchased.

3)    Any information provided about the availability and prices of the tickets are without obligation and no rights can be based on this.


4)    Payment can be made through the payment options offered by SPKC. Any other arrangements can be requested by contacting

5)    The indebted amount has to be paid within the terms that SPKC has detemined. If the amount is not paid within that period, the customer is in default and the order will be canceled. SPKC reserves the right to still charge you with costs already incurred with respect to the order.

Terms for tickets and access

6)    Tickets delivered by SPKC are and remain the property of the foundation, and are supplied on the condition that prior written permission of SPKC you are not allowed to:

a. Sell these tickets to any third party.
b. Offer these tickets on a commercial basis, in any manner whatsoever.

In the case of the situations mentioned above (a and b) SPKC reserves the right to invalidate the ticket and to deny entrance to the event, without offering compensation. The right to impose a penalty is reserved for SPKC.

7)    The tickets issued are unique and are provided with an unique order number. Only the person to show the ticket first at the start of the event will have access.

8)    The tickets issued can be returned or canceled. The client is not eligible for a refund of the purchase price.


9)    SPKC cannot be held liable for damage resulting from death, injury, accident, hurt, loss of items, damage or theft caused by the customer prior to, during or following a visit to the event or venue.

10) If SPKC due to force majeure has no choice than to cancel the event in whole or partially, or in other ways cannot meet its obligations, the customer can derive no right to compensation.
Force majeure is defined as: War, threat of war and riot, restricting measures from both domestic and foreign governments, the death of one or more members of the royal family, serious calamities, fire, strikes, failure of or damage to equipment and equipment systems, obstruction / strike of transportation, flooding, exclusions and sabotage, and generally any unforeseen circumstances both domestic and abroad, which ensures that the agreement cannot be reasonably respected.

Privacy regulation

11) The information gathered about the customer, will not be provided to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes. The information will be stored on systems that are only accessible to the board of the foundation.