Information for Parents/Guardians

What is Hallyucon?

Hallyucon is part of the officially registered Foundation Promotion Korean Culture (or Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Cultuur). We are an autorized organisation that since 2013, in cooperation with the South Korean Embassy in the Netherlands, sets up many kinds of events that introduces Korean culture to people in a fun way. Part of this culture, Kpop or Korean Pop, is very well known and growing among Dutch youth. It is our goal to provide a platform to anyone interested in Korea, where they can come together and be able to delve into the different cultural aspects of Korean Culture.

Our board consists of four members:
Elke Groenendijk – Chairwoman
Natasja van Knippenberg – Treasurer
Anastacia de Graaff – Secretary
Carlo Aarts – Event management & Online marketing
Sophie Bos – Event management & Volunteers

Apart from the board members, we also have a team of enthusiastic staff and volunteers for our events.

What is Hallyucamp?

Hallyucamp is an annual three day summer event, aimed at aimed at young people with a passion for Korea. After four successful editions, Hallyucon is currently busy setting up Hallyucamp for the fifth time in 2018, an anniversary for us!

The camp is a complete package, where food, accommodation, and several activities per day are included. There will be daily guided activities with a Korean touch. During the camp we have an enthusiastic team of board members and camp leaders, all between the ages of 25 and 36, which take care of the visitors during the entire camp. Such as, provide all meals, emotional support in the case of issues and, if necessary, medical assistance. In this our camp leaders are of unparalleled value. They have direct interaction with the visitors and will be the first point of contact when problems arise. We also have an eye for socio-emotional problems, diet restrictions, and possible simple medical assistance such as medication intake. Please tell us in advance whether there are things that we have to take into account.

The location has four dormitories, each with more than 16 beds. The dormitories can be divided into strictly male or female rooms and mixed rooms, so everyone can decide for themselves which option they are most comfortable with.

What are we doing at camp?

There will be different activities during the camp. The theme for the next camp has not yet been announced. However, all activities will more or less fall within the chosen theme. Some activities you can count on to be included almost every year because they are the traditional camp activities. Such as a scavenger hunt, hexathlon, etc.

We provide our visitors with three meals a day and in between snacks. We will be alternating between Dutch and Korean food.

What about safety at the camp?

During the camp there are adults present that have experience of running the camp, including a person that has had Emergency Response Officers training and has a diploma in (children) First Aid. There is an emergency plan drawn up of which all the camp leaders are aware. There are at least three cars on site and seven supervisors are in possession of a driving license.

Also at registration at the beginning of the camp, we will be asking for an emergency contact. This is the person we contact in case of an emergency. therefore, make sure that you already decided who this person is going to be in advance.

Who can I contact during the camp?

The contact point for parents and guardians is Natasja van Knippenberg. Her mobile number is: +31(0)6-28845247. If anything arises, from problems with finding the location to family circumstances, do not hesitate to contact her.

Also please notify us if you are delayed. We’re expecting your child on site on Friday no later than 5 pm.