The Foundation Promotion Korean Culture, or Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Cultuur (SPKC) was created to increase the attention there was for the South-Korean culture in Europe. As the foundation is based in the Netherlands, the main focus lies with increasing the spread of the culture in the Netherlands.

We aim to bring several aspects of the Korean culture to the Netherlands through events, and aside from our large event (Hallyucon) we bring smaller events about Korea as well!

Examples of such small events include:                      Commascottes2-42

  • Hallyucamp; a 3 day vacation for Kpop people (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)
  • A fan meet with Eat Your Kimchi (October 2013)
  • A visit to a Korean Peace museum (November 2013)
  • An exclusive screening of a Korean movie (March 2014)
  • A dance workshop and movie screening with Inspiration (April 2014)
  • Cheemchi fair (November 2015)

For South-Korean businesses and organizations it would be very beneficial to get involved with this increasing activity in Europe. There is an entire market with fans of Korean products, the entertainment industry and just the culture as a whole waiting for Korean entrepreneurs to seize their chance. Korea is growing internationally and is getting increasingly involved in promoting their culture worldwide. The promotion of this culture, which is an interesting mix of ancient and modern aspects, is going rapidly and very effectively. Europe as well has been catching on when it comes to the South-Korean culture expansion. In the last few years there have been several successful Kpop concerts in Europe. The online community continues to grow with amazing speed.

The Board

profile elke Elke Groenendijk
Having been involved in the Korean fan scene for a very long time I am very proud of Hallyucon and what it stands for. In daily life I work as a Quality Assurance officer and by offering the board structure and guidance I hope to fulfil my position as chairwoman for the foundation.
anastacia Anastacia de Graaff
Before and after having studied at the Sungkyungkwan University in Seoul I have been very involved with Korean (pop)culture. I have two Masters in the field of Psychology and am very passionate about working on this project.
natasja Natasja van Knippenberg
Treasurer and Marketing
Having studied abroad in Korea at the Yonsei University and conducted market research for Dutch companies in Korea before, the link to Korea is very short for me. I have studied International Business Administration and have a Masters in Marketing from the University of Tilburg. At this moment I am working for Samsung Electronics as a Digital Marketer.
carlo Carlo Aarts
Event Management and Online Marketing
My journey started with kpop music. The music provided some insight into korean culture which eventually led me to visit Korea. Hopefully I am able to be a part of other people’s journeys by being a part of this organisation.
file-1 Sophie Bos
Event Management and Volunteers
Starting as a fan of Korean music, I quickly found my interest in the Korean culture as well. Through my talents in customer service I hope to add a new level to this organisation. I have also mastered the art of being an amazing human being.