Hallyucamp FAQ

Whether it is your first time to the camp or your fourth or fifth; going to Hallyucamp can be a confusing thing!

We have listed all of your most frequently asked questions below. It should take away most of your confusion.

Let us know if you are still unclear about anything, and we will get back to you asap! You can contact us through email, or you can send us a message on our Facebook page.


What will we eat?

To begin; the food at the Houtduif is a set week menu, so we won’t get to choose what we will be served. Usually its either nasi, macaroni, pasta, or something else easily prepared for big groups of people.

What if I am a vegetarian or if I am allergic to some foods?

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies (i.e. lactose intolerant, vegetarian or restrictions coming from religious beliefs) please let us know!

Is the food Halal?

None of the meat used is pork, but the animals were not killed following the Halal rules. If you are a Muslim, please let us know if you are okay with this or if you would prefer the vegetarian option.

Are we getting dinner on Sunday?

The meals we provide are as follows:
Dinner on Friday
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday
Breakfast and lunch on Sunday

The camp will end around 5 and we will not be serving dinner anymore on Sunday. If you have a long trip home, we suggest to bring some cash to buy something at the station!



If I buy a ticket, what do I get?

You get access to a weekend full of lovely activities! It is a camp, as you might know it from when you were younger, but with a Kpop theme!

You will get a place to sleep in a bunk bed, in our group camp location. Food is also included in the ticket price!

So in short: A weekend FULL with fun things to do, a place to sleep and food to eat. So buy that ticket!

I ordered my ticket, but all I got was this confirmation email. Is this correct?

As for your ticket, everyone who ordered their ticket on our new website got an order confirmation with a unique order number.

This number alone is enough to have access to the camp. We will have a list with the numbers and your names, we will use this to make sure we have the right person. We prefer it if you bring the order confirmation or if you show us your number from your phone.

I never got a confirmation email! (or “I threw the confirmation email away!” )

Please contact us and we will resend the email.
You can also message us on Facebook.

Until when can I buy tickets?

We will announce on our website and our Facebook page when the ticket sale starts and when it ends. Usually we have to close the sale around 2 weeks in advance due to the food arrangements the location has to make.

What To Bring

What is available at the camp?

The camp provides beds (without bedding) and pillows (without pillow cases).

There are showers and toilets, and a kitchen.

Also we will provide food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks).

What should I bring?

Our list is as below:


A dishtowel (for dishes duty!)
A pillowcase
A sleeping bag or sheets to sleep under
Your ID (this is not our idea, this is the law okay?)


Clothes that can get dirty. Please bring more than 2 shirts. Sports clothes
Rain clothes or umbrella (preferably both)
Shoes that are fit for walking longer distances (preferably water resistant)
Towel + washcloth
Phone + Charger
Money (not too much, but enough to possibly buy some food on your way back on Sunday)
A snack for during our breaks
Mosquito repellent
Extra socks & underwear (in case of super wet weather)
Medicine (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Trachitol, anything you usually use)
A plastic bag for your laundry

What is not allowed for me to bring?

Electronics other than your phone. A small speaker for your phone is allowed, but please leave laptops, stereo systems, tablets and such at home. It’s a camp. There is no WIFI.


Large sums of cash money. Please note that we will keep your belongings safe when you are not around yourself, but it is not safe to bring lots of cash to the camp. You do not need it either.

Weapon like things: Pocketknives, Swiss army knives, switchblades, etc.
We will confiscate them if we find them at the camp.

Alcohol. Drinking alcohol is prohibited for the participants of the camp. Please note that there are minors present, and to keep the peace at the camp we will not allow you to drink.



What are the camp rules?

We try to keep the rules as short as possible, as we know you are not a rowdy bunch.

  1. Please listen to the leaders at the camp.
  2. Respect each other and each other’s property; do not steal, do not call names, do not make fun of people. Not everyone is the same as you and some people might struggle with things you cannot immediately see.
  3. Do not leave the camp by yourself. This is not negotiable – if we do not know where you are, we will call your parents and the police.
  4. If you have a problem, please come to the leaders first and let us know.
  5. Don’t go into the kitchen by yourself unless you are on dishes duty.
  6. No drinking alcohol. As mentioned in the ‘do not bring’ list – we will confiscate it if needed.


What about making groups?

The process to make the groups is different every year. We can guarantee you this: You can join a group as an individual or as a duo. So if you have a friend and you want to join him/her in a group for the weekend, just let us know when you arrive and we will place you together. Only as duo’s, no groups of 3 or more allowed at sign-up!

What if I want to go home?

If you feel sick, or if there is any other reason you do not want to stay at the camp anymore, please let us know. We can try to help you with any problem you might be having.

If you want to leave, we can help you contact your parents or someone else who can come pick you up or we can help you get to the train station.

Please remember that if your teammates or sleeping arrangements are the problem, we can always find a solution!

I have a special situation. Should I inform the organisation?

Please if there is something special about your situation, let us know beforehand.

Are you afraid of the dark, do you have panic attacks, are you epileptic, are you uncomfortable with stressful situations, do you have a health problem, are you transgender or is there anything else which might be worth mentioning to us in advance: Please let us know.

This is important for us to make sure you have a nice experience at the camp. If you let us know about your issue only when the camp already started, we cannot always promise we can help you to the best of our abilities!

In Case of Emergency

What if someone gets hurt or if there is a problem?

We will give you instructions at the beginning of the camp on what to do in cases of emergency. We will have the basic first aid things available at the camp and we will have someone available to transport someone to the nearest emergency room / doctors at all times.

We will also put instruction sheets across the location with instructions in case of emergency.


How do I get to the location?

Public transport can get you to our camp as follows:

From station Driebergen-Zeist, take bus 81 to the stop KNVB Sportcentrum. From there it is just a short walk. There is a sign alongside the main road to the “Paasheuvelgroep” – this is where you want to go.

On Sunday the buses do not run. But don’t be discouraged, we will be driving you to the train station after 5 pm.


My child wants to go to this camp, what can I expect?

The camp is organised by Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Cultuur (Foundation Promotion Korean Culture). Our foundation promotes Korea through several events within the Netherlands.

One of these is the camp. The camp is aimed at people who are interested in Korea and Korean music.

Mostly we choose a theme and this theme will be in effect from the moment they arrive. You are welcome to join your kid(s) if you are there to drop them off and have a chat with the leaders of the camp. The first hour of the camp is a free walk-in.

The camp in 2017 will be our fourth camp and we are proud to say that we have had no serious issues in the last editions.

What about my child’s safety?

At the camp we will be present with at least 10 staff members (that is approximately 1 staff member per 4 / 5 people.

The staff members have not rotated much over the years, and they therefore have experience with the camp. There will be someone present with BHV training and (children’s) first aid training.

There are at least three cars available to offer emergency transportation to e.g. the nearest hospital.

Who can I contact during the camp?

Our main contact point is Natasja van Knippenberg. (+31(0)628845247). Please contact her if there are any issues. Ranging from finding the location to family trouble –she will be reachable the entire weekend.

Please note that reception at the camp is poor, and if you are forwarded to a voicemail message this means there is no reception. Please try our alternative number in this case (Elke Groenendijk: +31(0)653667918)


If you have a question that is not on this page, please contact us.