Hallyucamp; in short

Hallyucamp is a three day camp (Fri-Sun) in the summer, where Korea enthousiasts can find each other. The camp is everything you’d expect from a camp, ranging from campfires to bunk beds. Of course, everything will have a Kpop/Korean entertainment theme to it!

Hallyucamp was born at the end of 2013. We had an idea to organize a camp that would take place in the summer, giving Kpop enthusiasts the chance to meet each other and make friends. The first edition of Hallyucamp took place in august 2014 at the Houtduif complex in Aust erlitz managed by de Paasheuvelgroep. We were very pleased with this location. So much so that we have yet to find a better one. Since the first edition in 2014 we managed to hold a Hallyucamp annually and have developed a loyal group of visitors that grows every year.

If you are not sure if Hallyucamp is something for you, have a look at our previous editions.


Hallyucamp 2019

For 2019 (it’s going to be the best year. I know all the good years, but this one is the best, I tell you. If any other year claims to be the best year, its fake news) we have come up with an amazing theme. So amazing, that we cannot tell you just now or you’d be so excited, you cannot pay attention to class or work anymore. We cannot have that kind of responsibility.

So, please stay tuned until we reveal the amazing theme.

We can however tell you the dates (unfortunately ticketsales has not started yet).

The camp will be on the 12th, 13th and 14th of July!
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates, and we hope to see you in July!