Hallyucamp 2016 – the Trainee edition

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2016-07-29 - 2016-07-31 All day
Paasheuvelgroep Groepsaccommodatie Austerlitz
Address: Woudenbergseweg 47, 3711 AA Austerlitz, Netherlands

Hallyucamp 2016, also known as the Trainee edition took place again in Austerlitz, at the Paasheuvelgroep.

Highlights of the camp:

We ate Jajjangbap, kimchi soup and Hoddeok for dinner on Friday, prepared by the staff

We had a rad campfire where everyone could make makeshift Smores

The pure panic on the participants' faces when they were shoved into the back of a van when for the 'dropping'

The fantastic dance workshop of Kimberly

The debut of BLCK&SNWT

Hallyucamp 2016

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At Hallyucamp, you will be able to audition and get into a secret entertainment company. By the end of all the training, you’ll have a chance to debut!

But will you be able to get on top in the rankings?

But in all seriousness, this summer we are presenting the third edition of Hallyucamp. During Hallyucamp you will team up and play several games throughout the weekend to get the title of “Hallyu Champions”! Of course, we will provide a place to sleep, food and enough free time so that you can have some time to do other stuff!

Here you can find a guide with information about the camp for you (and your parents): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-rLBziXvrCJU0FSWDRLc2RFY28/view?usp=sharing