Hallyucon 2018 Dealerroom – Hey!Hallyu


The first seller we are announcing for our Hallyucon 2018 Dealerroom is Hey!Hallyu.

Hey!Hallyu is founded by Eva. You may have spotted her roaming about in some of the many online Kpop communities. Eva herself has been a Kpop fan since 2012 and as such knows the struggles.

The motto of Hey!Hallyu is: From far away, to close by and Eva is working hard to give Kpop fans the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of online shopping without having to wait weeks before your order arrives. And without the risk of unforeseen customs fees.

For now Hey!Hallyu focusses on selling Kpop albums. So if you’re interested in expanding your Kpop collection, be sure to visit the stand of Hey!Hallyu in the Dealerroom!