[Hallyucon 2017 Activity] Ani-Nation’s Cooking Workshop


Of course, we’ll have the possibility for you to learn a Korean dish, in particular: Bibimbap! A healthy but filling dish loved by many. Ani-Nation will guide you through the recipe step by step.

We’d love for everyone to join this cooking workshop with as many people as possible, but unfortunately we cannot. This cooking workshop will be held twice for five people at a time. To make it fair for everyone, we’ll let anyone who is interested sign up for a lottery. (So it’s not a first come, first serve basis!)

The lottery will be held 15 minutes before the cooking workshop starts (we’ll randomnly pick 5 people who can join that particular workshop). So if you’ve signed up, make sure to join the lottery at the information desk at 12:15 and 16:45.

If you’ve been picked and you are not at the information desk, they will wait until 12:25 or 16:55 (5 minutes before the workshop starts). If you’re still not there, another random person will be picked from the lottery box.

If you’ve been picked and you are at the information desk at the right time – congratulations! You’ve won yourself a cooking workshop ticket. You can walk over to Ani-nation (they’re right next to the information desk), show your ticket, pay the €7,50 fee and join the cooking workshop. They’ll take it from there.

Twenty other people can take a seat near the cooking workshop and watch the new Master Chefs learn some new skills! There will probably be a screen so you can actually watch what they’re doing as well.

Room: Restaurant
Time: 12:30 – 13:30 / 17:00 – 18:00
Sign up: Information desk
Lottery (15 minutes before cooking workshop starts): Information desk