Hello everyone!

We are super excited for this edition of Hallyucon and hopefully you are aswell!
As you might know we are a foundation consisting of 4 people that try their very best to make this an experience that you will enjoy. But no matter how hard we try, this is not something we can do by ourselves. We need your help!

We are looking for volunteers that are able to help us on the 19th of November.
What does this mean for you? You will be there early to receive your task. This means you have a schedule in which we plan your tasks but also free time! (so you can roam around, eat and enjoy yourselves!) What we expect from you is that you are willing to do your best! We will put our trust in you and your task in return!
You will have to buy a ticket, but you will receive a reimbursement in the end if there were no hickups.

Our previous volunteers are more than welcome to rejoin us!

Join us by filling in our form at www.hallyucon.nl/volunteers