[Hallyucon] Schedule

We’ve heard your prayers and it is finally here! The schedule of Hallyucon on the 22nd of October is done!

All the activities that we have and have not announced are on this schedule, so of course you might see some things you did not know of yet. Hopefully, this will make you even more excited for the convention!

You can see the schedule and floor plans here: Hallyucon Schedule

Some of you might also be thinking: “but how can I go to every single one of the activities when there’s so much overlap?” Well good thing it’s a convention! At a convention it is fine to leave an activity early or even come in a bit later. This is YOUR day to enjoy, we won’t be mad if you want to see all!

What also might be handy is having the floor plans a bit bigger, so here you go:



A bit bigger: hallyucon-philips-hall hallyucon-koepelhallyucon-vergaderzalen