[DEALER] Indoor Yard Sale

learn-how-to-host-your-very-best-yard-sale-everYou can sell your old or unwanted (aww) items at our Indoor Yard Sale. This is an area in the dealerroom where you as a visitor, can hand in you used k-pop merchandise and other South Korea related items and we will (try) to sell them for you. All visitors can buy these submitted items at the Indoor Yard Sale.


How does it work?

You need to do some work beforehand and thus save time at Hallyucon for both you and the Indoor Yard Sale staff. To complete this work you need to download the Indoor Yard Sale form. Download this form and fill it in after you print it. Please follow the instructions mentioned on the form exactly! Contained in the document you will find both a form and separate sheets with the necessary labels. You need to complete the form(s) AND labels at home BEFORE the event starts.
There are specific rules and tips for the Indoor Yard Sale. Read the rules on the form carefully before submitting items.